It all started a year ago when we hit the first lockdown that we realised collaborations, humanity and compassion are the the way forward and the only way to survive. We’ve come to realise the importance of people, the fact that we need to help each other and prioritise where to put our energy.

More than anything we realised the importance of food and food safety. It is for this reason that 20% of the proceeds of our masks go to a social enterprise called @abundant.ventures


Abundant Ventures

Their first "Grow A Livelihood " initiative was completed on 15th June 2021, where the B40 community of Kelab Kebun Rumah Pangsa AU2, Keramat worked together with Abundant Ventures to cultivate watermelons.  Abundant Ventures entered in to a buy back arrangement of the watermelons with AU2, which were mainly harvested on 15 June 2021. Many more "Grow A Livelihood " initiatives are in the pipelines where Nala Designs will continue to support.

They are committed to helping  people "Grow A Livelihood " by means of donating seedlings to urban garden communities whilst working together with B40 communities to create impact. 

Instagram: @abundant.ventures
Website: https://www.abundantmalaysia.org/

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