The House Of Rising Patterns

It is an often over looked element of the retail experience to many shoppers; the work that goes into creating our beautiful pieces, providing an experience that goes beyond a simple purchase and reflects the gratitude for every purchase, or even something as seemingly simple as changing the layout of a shop.

The House Of Patterns At Night

As I write this piece, it has just reached 4am after another Friday spent collectively as a team ensuring everything is in place for another Saturday launch – an exciting one at that. When tasked with writing this piece about the new layout of the House Of Patterns, the initial thought was ‘how does one do that?!’, after all - to the untrained eye a week ago the shop suddenly looked better than it ever had before. But with a little more thought, the story behind this overnight transformation pushed its way to the forefront.

Preparing for the launch of the ‘Sirap Susu’ 2020 Raya Collection. The current climate the world finds itself in took many tolls, and for Nala as a company, it was knowing that this incredible collection created by Lisette was on another continent with no way of getting to it. When we were told that it was on its way we were elated, but a daunting challenge lay ahead. Those of you that watch the Tuesday show you may have glimpsed a snippet of the creative chaos that goes into this.


All hands on deck from 6am. The shipment arrived in Malaysia, and was guided through the port and delivered to the warehouse by our team, who received it, counted and recounted each item, stored away the online stock, prepared the rest of the collection to be sent to the shop, and finally delivered more onto Kampung House in preparation for the shoot.

Kunal (Operations Manager)

Meanwhile at the shop it was business as usual but with a slight difference, two enormous paintings that set the backdrop of the entrance to the shop were a work in progress, our production head Hidayat, and designer Billy, both gifted artists were in action armed with paint brushes.

At the Kampung House, Lisette was a blur darting between the shoot for Mel & Molly and numerous meetings, desperately pursued by myself and Faiz, who was playing both photographer and videographer simultaneously in the creation of the Tuesday Show and the preparation of the website for the launch.

Mel & Molly Shoot

The arrival of the pieces as night descended, brought with it the congregation of the team, everyone chipping in for the night shoot. Operations manager Kunal and Hidayat transforming into a wardrobe team, warehouse fulfilment Daniel becoming a model, Billy returning to design for the newsletter and updates for Uniqlo, Faiz on fashion photography and Lisette taking a natural role as creative director.

Daniel (Right) modelling

A missed blooper from the Tuesday Show summed up the end of the first night as Lisette wrapped up filming, “It’s just gone midnight…” a voice off camera interrupting “Lisette it’s gone 1am!”, a stunned look from Lisette and a shocked “REALLY? Nooooooo!” the response.


The morning started as hectically, Lisette could be found in the shop barefoot and folded in half, locked in artistic focus adding the final touches to the paintings. The warehouse resumed delivering orders, while coordinating the movement of the collection to Bangsar Village II and the change of in store furniture, Faiz and I fuelled by coffee glued in front of our laptops shooting, editing and uploading in a race against the clock.

Lisette painting

Fast forward to the close of the shop and the team was reunited; delivered stock being processed by one of our store managers Masuri, aided by warehouse member Boyce and our customer service representative Mel.

Mel (Customer Service)

Furniture was heaved around the store, the collection steamed and hung, wine bottles that had served as comfort while locked in our homes were transformed into a stunning green feature, and Billy alternated between painting the store pillars and aiding in the resizing of images.

Justin (Marketing) & Billy (Designer)

Hidayat took final measurements, Faiz who was in the midst of editing, couldn’t help but revert to photographing the gradual transformation, providing this rare peak behind the curtains.

Hidayat (Production)

A full 48 hours later, the House Of Patterns was ready for business once again, your response to both the collection and the transformation an overwhelming source of pride. Our team may not be the biggest in the industry, but we love what we do and ultimately that is bringing joy to you.

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