Body Pillow Case - Jaipur Blue Leaf

by Nala


Jaipur Blue Leaf is inspired by the elegant shape of the palm leaf, and is combined with the deep blues of the indigo Lisette came across on her exploration of Jaipur in India. Taking on the impression of the tiles found in temples, the pattern encapsulates the cultural spirit of India.

Make your bed even more desirable of an evening, and even harder to leave in the morning with our gorgeous body pillow case, adorned with patterns inspired by India.

Body Pillow Case - Jaipur Blue Leaf
Dimensions: L 20" H 50" 

100% Cotton Satin (Pure Egyptian Cotton) - 465 Thread Count / 10 cm2
Machine Wash at 30 degrees with similar colours
Tumble Dry On Medium Heat - No Ironing Necessary (wash before using)
All Patterns Are Hand-Drawn