Angpow Pretty in Peranakan


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These beautiful packets, with hand drawn illlustrations and matching cards, are inspired by Straits Chinese Porcelain. They symbolise auspicious meanings in Peranakan culture and will make any gift special.

Each box contains 15 angpows and 15 cards
15 envelopes (5 designs x 3), 5 greeting cards (5 designs x 3),
Angpows come in 5 designs with a flap closure
Cards come in 3 colors (red, yellow and orange) ?
Box includes a description card explaining the meaning of the Straits Chinese symbolism
All patterns are hand drawn
Printed on recycled paper using soy ink

Envelope size: 17cm x 9cm
Card Size : 8cm x 16cm

Additional information

Dimensions 17 x 9 cm


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